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Production of ILV in electronics is focused on assembling and soldering printed circuit boards and the subsequent installation and assembly of products according to customer requirements. The company currently has a pick and two lines for SMD components and experienced team, consisting of skilled workers, equipped with the latest technological equipment, thanks to which we are currently unable to perform even the most demanding manufacturing operations.


Our company was one of the first in the Czech Republic, the introduction of lead-free soldering in nitrogen atmosphere and can therefore in this area offer a wealth of experience. We offer our customers a wide range of manufacturing products from prototypes to large series. Flexibility and speed of deliveries of finished products is made possible by the rapid influx of material from their own extensive storage space.

To improve the storage process and possibilities of traceability of products and individual components implemented an information system SAP. He also brought the improvement of the production management system.

Thanks to its versatility and technological equipment, we can handle the unusual installation contract using all kinds of electronic components.