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Development of Electronics

Development Department ILV sro, which has been operating since 2006 in the new center is since 2001 successfully address the challenges involved in one of the world’s automakers in testing software for control units automobiles and automotive networks such as CAN bus, LIN bus, K-line and FlexRay. To solve these problems we use different microprocessor platforms from eight-bit to 32-bit. In developing its own products and the development of electronic equipment according to customer specifications we specialize in the following areas:

  • 1.

    Design and testing of software for microprocessors

  • 2.

    Testing software for the automotive industry

  • 3.

    Analog technology

  • 4.

    Digital technology

  • 5.

    Intelligent measurement, control and diagnostic systems

  • 6.

    Microprocessor systems and a FPGA

  • 7.

    Systems for wireless control and data acquisition

  • 8.

    Systems for renewable energy

On the basis of cooperation with the German company Havelland-Wind GmbH we developed a LCD display for monitoring the activities of photovoltaic power plants.

To learn more about this device, then please click ... here.

Our development department is also engaged in the development of SC test plates. This is a sample application for verification and acceptance of software packages for the automotive industry. The complete range offered by SC evaluation boards can be found at this link SC TEST BOARDS (only in English).